What size wig does your MSD doll wear?

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Question of the Day: What size wig does your MSD doll wear? 
From my research I have found that "normal" for MSD is 6-7" but Ive also read that some have 8-9" or 4-5" heads depending on the maker and style of doll. 
Here are some answers from the community on Instagram!
"6-7", Though Sirccas seem to have a slightly smaller head then other Minifees"
"All of mine can wear 6/7 and a few can wear a select few 7/8 wigs"
"My Doll Leaves are closer to 5/6 and my Myou and Angell Studio are more of a 6/7"
"Before Minifee a normal MSD such as Luts or Soom wore a standard 7/8". Even older Minifee had bigger heads like Woosoo and Chiwoo."
So what size do you have on your MSD sized doll? Comment below!

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