Update December 19.2019

2019 update

Ive been working non stop behind the scenes to get your orders shipped out before the Christmas holiday and Im so sorry for being absent from social media while I do so! Between my newborn little boy and packing orders its been a bit intense and very long days so things like messages are getting left behind 😕 (I saw a few people were asking for address changes and I will handle those today as I ship out orders so no worries there)
I have a large batch of shipments going out in about 30 min which means the Shipping List will be updated at that time so keep an eye out for that.
Im also trying my hardest to get another batch out tomorrow morning in an attempt to get as many out before Christmas eve as physically possible. Again I am so sorry for this being so long and for delaying a lot of your packages 📦 I had planned to close my shop for Maternity leave at the first of December but with all the drama of the little guys birth I wasn’t able to get to it in time before orders were places 😅
I will be in touch more this weekend with updates I promise ♥️
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